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About Camping the Kiwi Way

Camping the Kiwi Way

Issue 1, Spring 2022

© 2022 All Points Camping Club of NZ Inc

ISSN:2815-8261 (Print)

ISSN 2815-827X (Online)

Editor: Miriam Richardson

Published quarterly by

All Points Camping Club of NZ Inc & NZ Lifestyle Camping Ltd

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Contributions are invited from individuals and camping (or related) clubs.

If your group or club is promoting NZers enjoying our great outdoors, we would like to share your stories.

Tenting, caravanning, motorhoming, van camping, bike camping, hiking and more.

  • Your camping photos and stories.

  • Your club stories and photos.

  • Upcoming events that include camping.

  • Opinion pieces on camping issues.

  • Technical / helpful articles.

Photos 1mb or more in size.

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Contributions close

  • Nov 1 for the Summer issue

  • Feb1 for the Autumn issue

  • For late breaking articles talk to the editor.


Photo: ©2022 William Anna & Stewart Leslie with Adrienne camping 1958

1 Spring 2022

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