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Summer 2022


Caravan & Motorhome Electrics by Collyn Rivers

Miriam Richardson

This is a book for people who want to understand how their electrics work as well as for people who are designing / building / converting a caravan or motorhome.

It tells you how to install, how to identify, understand and (sometimes) fix anything that does not work as it should.

It will give you a good understanding of alternators, regulators, batteries and their charging and monitoring, solar energy and generators. It will help you scale what you want to do with what is possible in your particular setup.

It also helps when you are talking to rv service professionals, who may be expert in vehicles but not rvs, or vice versa. Problems arise when service professionals don’t truly understand how the vehicle and RV systems differ and how they interact.

You can read the table of contents ( and download a sample chapter from his website’s book page


His books are often in local libraries, you can buy them at book depository ($36NZ free delivery), or buy a kindle version from ($AU12).

Highly recommended.

Links are here: Choose > Our books.


ISSN 2815-827X (Online) | ISSN:2815-8261 (Print)


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