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NZ is a camping culture

Simon Raistrick

This is one of the few countries with a sparse enough population to make freedom camping possible. For campers that makes NZ like a global heritage site. 

If we make our culture more and more environmentally disconnected, younger generations won't care as much about the environment. This essential part of environmentalism is often ignored in NZ yet it is built into the values of organisations like the English National Trust. 

I also have a degree in earth science. There are many ways to better manage camping which are not being used. Councils don't have the skills or knowledge to protect and support camping, and the pressure on councils to make things easier for themselves is constant. 

NZ is a camping culture 

This makes us who we are, connects us to our environment like nothing else and this hobby is constantly under threat. We should remember that and protect our culture and heritage.

3 Autumn 2023

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