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Winter 2024


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a convenient way to pay

What is KiwiCamp?

Miriam Richardson

What started out as a pay-for-what-you-need set of camper facilities like National Park, has now expanded to include sites that charge per night or for particular facilities. Check their website in advance.

Regional camps without resident managers, such as Hurunui Council’s Amberley Beach Campground, are now using KiwiCamp to collect the fees, and the NZMCA is using them to manage charging for power at some of their parks.

The Kiwicash fob

To use KiwiCamp sites or facilities you need a KiwiCash fob (digital key), and it needs to have enough credit. See their website for places you can buy one. You recharge the fob online, so internet is required. You need to get the fob before you get to the site. You need the charged fob to lift the barrier and enter the camp. When you depart, it counts the nights you have been there, and debits your fob. The fobs are small enough to carry on your key ring, but bear in mind you need to carry them with you into the shower or laundry etc.

Private campsites using KiwiCash have their own rules about who can stay, but KiwiCamp facilities are available if you are using a tent or a vehicle, self-contained or not.

Sites vary in what they provide, but these are things you might be able to pay for with the fob:

  • Secure parking

  • Hot showers

  • Dishwashing/cooking facilities

  • Laundry facilities

  • Waste recycling station

  • Water filling station

  • Secure power points (charging laptop, phone etc).

  • Caravan powered sites.

  • WiFi

  • Dump station

Kiwicamp module at TECT, in BOP, with showers, toilets, kitchen and laundry.

I used these showers at the TECT park (right) in the Bay of Plenty and it was really nice to just wave the fob to get another 4 minutes.

It’s a bother to get the fob and to get set up to recharge it, but after the set-up hurdle it is a very convenient way to pay for things.

National Park photo ©2024 Gary Stoneley


8 Winter 2024



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