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Winter 2024


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Who can freedom camp from now until 7 June 2025?

M RIchardson

You can freedom camp if your warrant is one of these three.

  1. Certified Blue before 7/7/23, and not expired. Fixed or portable toilet.

  2. Certified Blue before 7/7/24, and not expired. Fixed toilet only.

  3. Green Warrant

The above warrant holders can freedom camp on public land, which means: all land managed by district and local councils. This may include land otherwise controlled by NZTA, LINZ or DOC. 

LINZ: Currently LINZ has 5 freedom camping areas and the new law applies. As at May 2024 DOC has made no changes relating to self-containment: the existing standard applies (portable or fixed toilet) for sites that require self-containment.

An enforcement officer may inspect your warrant card. 

If they have a valid reason to ask, you must produce the self-containment certificate.

An enforcement officer may not inspect inside your vehicle.

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8 Winter 2024



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