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Winter 2024


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favourite tips and tricks for cold

Winter tips from our previous issues


Winter tips never go out of date...

Winter’s here…

Here’s a few favourite tips and tricks for keeping warm, dealing with cold, wind, rainy days, and embracing the colder months outdoors.

Photo © 2023 Bette Cosgrove

TIPS for the cold

Camping in the winter (tent or van) needs to be pretty organised and good gear is needed. I do most things, from being out and about in my van to tramping and snow-holeing.

Photo ©2022 Daniel Munro

More cold season tips

Sharing our best hacks which made life so much easier on a recent Matariki vanning trip. 

Photo ©2024 Bette Cosgrove

Insulation: Preparing for the cold winter “brrrrrr’s”

Darn, we could only get the new heater up to 10ºC on that night, and woke to a -3ºC frost. Eventually we were told the poor insulation and many windows in the bus were the problem.

Photo ©2023 Linda Butler

Pegs for tough weather

A commercial and a DIY (metal) version of a peg for windy weather.

Photo ©2023 M Richardson

A stove jack

Best mod for camping so far, a stove jack sewn into the awning.

Photo ©2023 Keil MacDiarmid 

It was cold at Mavora Lakes

I think the Mrs thought I was a bit crazy suggesting a night away in the van this time of year. 


Photo ©2022 Daniel Munro


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