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Editorial: looking back, looking forward

Miriam Richardson

As the season turns we look back on our summer — the adventures, the challenges, the starry nights, friends (new and old), the places we have explored, the places we plan to explore later.

On shanks’s pony, in kayaks, boats, bikes, cars, vans, caravans, poptops, teardrops, motorhomes, we have spread out over the summer, loving our country. The season has turned with catastrophic weather taking out roads and houses leaving many with sheer survival as their focus.

The autumn and winter ahead will be challenging on many fronts, so each chance you get, for a night, a weekend, a few days: take up your bed and go out and restore your spirit; enjoy the rivers, the beach, the hills, mountains, if they are close enough, and if all else is beyond reach, take your bed into the back yard and enjoy the stars. 

This issue is kindly sponsored by the All Points Camping Club of NZ and NZ Lifestyle Camping.

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