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Nowhere special

Fiona Thomson

Our trip to the Bridge to Nowhere, on the Whanganui river, will always be a special memory that I share with my 84 year old mother. 

We camped overnight at Pipiriki on a non-powered site in our campervan. Cabins are available, with a clean communal kitchen and lounge area. We parked up in the provided day parking before donning our life jackets and wet weather gear. 

Our local guide and driver of the jet boat was helpful and knowledgeable. We jet boated upriver for approximately an hour, through spectacular gorges, stopping to hear about historical and scenic interest spots. 

After arriving at the Mangapurua landing, we were guided on a gentle 40 minute walk through native bush on a fern-lined track. The first hill up from the river was the most difficult — however my mother rose to the challenge and managed to walk the distance to the Bridge to Nowhere. 

The bridge is a large concrete structure that was built in 1936 to provide early pioneering farmers access to their farms. Unfortunately the local area became a valley of abandoned dreams as the land proved unsuitable for farming. 

Hot drinks and biscuits were provided at the bridge. We ate our own packed lunch before making the return bush walk and jet boating back to Pipirki.

If you have the opportunity, this is a great day trip.

Photos © Fiona Thomson

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