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Why do I love camping so much?

Linda Butler

For me it's not the destination; yet we live in such an amazing country. So close to rivers, tall mountains, sea, the wild bush, the cities and the vast, open fields. 

It's not the company; and I've met some amazing, interesting characters over the years.

For me, it's about the senses  

For me, it's about the senses. Feeling the breeze, smelling the salt air. The warmth of the sun as it's rises on a crispy cool morning. It's about listening to bird song, soaking up the visual beauty surrounding me. Its about walking in that light, gentle rain or listening to the sound of water talking to us as the currents push it on its way.


This revitalizes me, refreshes me. It's about taking in the creativity we see along the way — a fancy letterbox, painted artwork on a barn wall, bras hanging on a fence and oh, so much more. 

Whatever takes you on the road, may you see or hear something new this year, and make a new friend along the way.

Photo: Moon over Lake Ohau ©2023 M Richardson

for me, it's about the senses

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