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Miriam Richardson

When I began assembling this issue I came up against a dilemma. If I focused on the many wonderful summer camping stories, the government might be able to use this magazine to say the slipshod new freedom camping self-containment laws and regulations were not spoiling things for New Zealand campers. Sadly, the changes are bringing restriction, distress, anxiety, and insoluble dilemmas for many of us (p20). To give a balanced picture, I have included the serious stuff, putting it on the left pages while we celebrate summer on the right-hand pages. Match your side to your mood.

Many campers, who will soon be barred from freedom camping, have used this summer to enjoy it while they can. Until their self-containment certificates run out or the government’s deadlines arrive, they can continue to freedom camp. Some regions are failing to follow the law during the transition period, which has given campers a needlessly stressful time. (p18). (Check p6 to see what your particular blue warrant allows you to do, and for how long.)

Check out page 8 for suggestions on how to manage over the transition period, if you want to freedom camp. The new laws bring in a raft of new offences: I thought we might need to actually know what they are, so you will see them in “ordinary” language on page 12. Since it is now an offence to “prepare to freedom camp” as evidenced by “parking”, consider having a notice for your dashboard to let enforcement officers know what you are intending to do (p14). Once they get trained in mind-reading we wont need these notices, but until then…

Can you do your bit to shake up the powers-that-be?

If commonsense was going to prevail we wouldn’t have a problem now. We need to apply political pressure to persuade politicians to be sensible. See page 16 for some options. Many voices may bring action, while lone voices will be ignored. Add your voice, if you can.

At the same time as pondering the challenging thought of taking political action (shudder) to protect freedom camping, take heart from the many wonderful stories from summer campers.

All over the country people have been out and about and enjoying the dry and the heat, tolerating the wind and the wet, and making the most of it. Read all about it. Read on…

Tiaki mai.

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Articles in this issue on the freedom camping law changes:

How to inspire without sweeping things under the carpet?

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