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Living an endless summer

Glyn Wooller, Waikato River Trails

Delightful to chat with Alan and Joyce on a glorious summer’s day at Little Waipa reserve. Joyce was setting out the table and chairs in a sunny spot overlooking the Waikato River after a chillyish night with temperature inside the caravan at a brisk 11º.

Alan and Joyce call Alberta Canada home. Alan, originally from west Auckland, left as a young man. Since meeting 13 years ago in Canada they have lived an endless summer travelling across hemispheres avoiding the colder climates. Prior to retirement Joyce worked in construction financing and Alan as a surveyor largely in the oil industry. Alan’s work through Canadian winters is one of the contributing factors to their love of the endless summer lifestyle.

This particular trip to New Zealand extends from early November to early April. Joyce recalls her first trip to New Zealand in a Honda Oddessy which included a trip to the Central Otago Rail Trail. Visits now are in the comfort of the Winnebago caravan. Most recently Alan and Joyce have been to other camping reserves along the Waikato River Trail in Whakamaru and Mangakino.

Time on the trail is largely via walking although there is a bike on the rack which Alan will take out from time to time. This is not their first visit to Little Waipa reserve, Alan and Joyce have stayed many times. What they enjoy about the Riverside Trail between the reserve and Arapuni Village is the peaceful environment, picnic tables, the Huihuitaha boardwalk, wildlife and refreshments at the Rhubarb Café.

Alan and Joyce until recently lived in a busy urban environment. Now living in a small village with a population of less than 200 people they thrive on the lack of noise pollution. The peaceful reserves along the River and the Waikato River Trails resonate with the tranquility Alan and Joyce love so much.

Next destination for this lovely couple prior to heading back to Canada is the Coromandel. To Alan and Joyce, all the best with your travels.

an endless summer travelling across hemispheres to avoid the cold

Motorhome with a fixed toilet. Will not get a warrant unless the cassette toilet is vented.

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