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Self-containment warrant cards: Which one is yours?

Miriam Richardson

Certified Blue before 6/23, any toilet

OK to freedom camp on public land until 6 June 2025 (or until your card expires, if earlier).

Certified Blue, fixed toilet

OK to freedom camp on public land until 6 June 2025 (or until your card expires, if earlier).

Last chance for new or renew 6 Jun ‘24

Certified Blue portable toilet

You may not freedom camp on public land.

NEW: Certified Green (fixed toilet only)

OK to freedom camp on public land. Lasts 4 years.

Private land

All of these are OK on private or commercial properties, crown land (that isn’t LINZ or council-controlled land), club sites, organised events and anywhere payment is made. Good for 4 years or until the card expires.

What to do

Identify which kind of self containment you have, and be clear about where you are allowed to camp, so you can avoid fines and hassles.

The new freedom camping law specifically states that ‘short term parking’, and ‘day-trip excursions,’ are not freedom camping. Recovering from driver fatigue continues to be allowed, and is, specifically, legally, not ‘freedom camping’.


 What is ‘public land’?

All land managed by district and local councils is covered. This can include land otherwise controlled by NZTA, LINZ or DOC. Currently LINZ has 5 freedom camping areas in Central Otago and the McKenzie Country, and the new law applies. As at Feb 2024 DOC has made no changes relating to self-containment: the existing standard applies (portable or fixed toilet) for sites that require self-containment.


Inspection of self-containment warrants

  • An enforcement officer may inspect your warrant card.

  • If asked, you must produce the self-containment certificate.

  • An enforcement officer may not inspect inside your vehicle.

More on enforcement p12


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they may not inspect inside your vehicle

, p


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