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Make a difference: Let's CHANGE the narrative

Bette Cosgrove

Let’s spread message that responsible Freedom Campers are a help.  

We actually like to clean up after us and others ! 

Just pick up litter and put it in your vans, like I do, to dispose of appropriately.  

Because — we have bins and bags onboard and likely some form of toileting. 

Let’s create a positive social media campaign. Let’s share our voices and spread the story of those who happily freedom camp, and don’t trash but clean the place! 

Stop the story that blames us for the public mess!  


Collect the trash and take a photo. 

Post in your social media group, and your own page — an image of what you cleaned up. 

Say where and when. 

Add the hashtags: 




BY: Bette Cosgrove

PHOTOS: ©2022 Bette Cosgrove 

Please join me or follow my instagram @vangranz

Collect the trash, take a photo, add the hash tag and post it.

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