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My 2 cents on the Nash proposals

As a freedom camper, campervan business owner and citizen of NZ, I find these proposals extremely concerning. 

My main issues are as follows: 

  • The rights of every New Zealander to travel unencumbered, responsibly and freely around the country will be severely affected. As per the Freedom Camping Act, we should all be able to continue to do the above.  

  • These proposals will only encourage more elitism and divide within an already divided community of various types of traveller/campers. On many occasions I have been vilified, looked down upon and straight up accused of ‘wrecking the country’ by those in bigger vans than me. When it comes to campervans, size/class shouldn’t matter. Being responsible should.  

And a few questions… 

  • Where is the evidence that these proposals will solve the problem that needs to be solved (of how to protect the environment from being damaged by the dumping of waste (human, grey/black water, trash)? 

  • Where is the evidence that having fixed toilets (as apposed to portable ones) is “better”? Surely, you’re either willing to crap on a toilet in a vehicle… or not? … 

  • Where is the evidence that tells us “more free facilities isn’t the solution”? Freedom Camping should be for everyone… 
Not just for those that can afford a big enough van to fit a fixed toilet in. 

Anonymous  (name supplied) 

(Edited for length).

Vehicle size shouldn’t matter. Being responsible should.

, p


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