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A national network 
of qualified testing officers

NZ Lifestyle Camping

NZ Lifestyle Camping is proud to support NZ campers with a national network of 160 qualified testing officers from Keri Keri to Invercargill.

You don’t have to belong to any club to get a self containment check done.  

If you need to get a self containment check done please contact one our friendly and approachable team.

To find out more or check out the latest listings visit  We are committed to supporting NZ campers and the Leisure Camping industry. 

We are also actively lobbying Government on your behalf to ensure we secure a fair and sustainable leisure camping industry. Don't get caught out by misinformation. 

The current 4 year NZ Standard for certified self containment NZS 5465:2001 is the standard being used by the NZ leisure camping industry. 

As we head towards Summer the industry gets super busy. Please get in early to ensure your vehicle servicing is done, well in time, before your trip starts. 

Gary Stoneley,

Managing Director, NZ Lifestyle Camping Ltd. 

Note: NZ Lifestyle Camping has a standard fee of $45 to cover costs of issuing the required documentation and maintaining our national network. It is also expected that the testing officer will charge for their time.

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