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How to organise a group weekend

Mary Reid

We all look forward to the catch ups, the fun, laughter and good times; doing as much or as little as we choose at the venues. 

I give a venue address and date, at the right price, along with a list of possible activities that members can explore, including just relaxing and lazing and refreshing ourselves. 

We regularly have around 20–25 people at our camps in a range of motorhomes, caravans, buses and yes tents too, along with up to 6 dogs. 

We have a wide range of people of all ages and senses of humour. Happy hour (and beyond) can often mean a good belly laugh or three as people get the mood going and the stories flowing.  

BY: Mary Reid, All Points Camping Club in Waikato/ Bay of Plenty    

Keep on making memories, having fun, meeting new people and exploring: #campingTheKiwiWay 

Photo: An All Points Camping gathering on an Ohope orchard (Bay of Plenty). August 2022

Photo: Poptop get together ©2022 Adam Beaumont

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