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Articles from Collyn Rivers

Collyn Rivers

Battery capacity

“Cabins and RVs should have the maximum solar capacity feasible. This ensures batteries will charge fast and deeply even with intermittent sun.” Collyn Rivers. Read the article:

Lithium-iron batteries in RVs

Lithium-iron batteries in RVs – they are safe to use. They deliver a lot of energy and pack a lot of power but need specialised knowledge to use safely and reliably. Here’s the how and why for the LiFePO4 (lithium-iron) variety. Collyn Rivers. Read here:

Lithium-ferro phosphate (LFP) batteries – a lithium battery rival

The two battery types share some similarities but differ in high-energy-density, long life-cycles, and safety. The use of lithium-ferro phosphate (LFP) in batteries increases the choice of chemicals for battery production and reduces reliance on the more expensive, and difficult to produce, lithium hydroxide.

Collyn Rivers. Read here:

Collyn Rivers' 2004 4.2 litre TD Nissan Patrol and TVan each had their own self-contained solar system. (Photo

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