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Buckets, gladwrap, and gossip

Miriam Richardson

As the select committee considering the proposed changes opened for oral submissions, the Minister of Tourism the opened the speaking, and talked of buckets covered in gladwrap as toilets in motorhomes.

It is indicative of how far removed the Minister is from actual facts, that he (a) quotes gossip and (b) misquotes the gossip to support his proposed changes to NZ law. (The gladwrap gossip was about toilets, not buckets.)

The Minister is convinced, on no presented evidence, that the fixedness of a toilet is related to its use. No-one knows where he got this idea from; but we know that he is extraordinarily (fixedly, even) insistent on it, regardless of the lack of any evidence.

Sadly, there are precious few facts, lots of gossip, lots of time pressure, and a scattergun of poorly aimed legislation heading our way.

Get out an enjoy those freedom camping spots while you can.

, p


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