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Instagrammable: making the most of instagram

Bette Cosgrove

Instagrammable(v) beautiful enough to share on the app

So many travellers, campers, and vanlifers are recording their journeys on 'the gram' these days, sharing snippets of their lives, packaged neatly in squares or reels.

Instagram, the social media platform, is a quick and easy way to document and share to your chosen followers or a keen public, just where you've been and what you've seen. 

‘Reels ‘or ‘carousels’ of photos and video snippets with background music, are simple to create and can make even the most basic scenery shot look like a luxe travel promo for camping or travelling adventures.

It also creates a simple visual diary for your trips away or life on the road.

Instagram is an attractive and often addictive 'look book' to scroll through, filled with recommended places to visit and shared experiences.

It's a good place to start researching if you want to go on a roadie or camping trip of your own.

Beware of what you see though stories

Instagram feeds can often glorify or sanitise the sometimes cold, miserable or cramped reality of vanlife or camping adventures. Always be conscious that the carefully curated shots of stunning vistas, natural beauty, and carefree living might be missing the full truth of everyday challenges that weather, environment, crowds and lack of home comforts can create.

Where to start?

If you're keen to discover new places to visit or freedom camp, in our gorgeous country, then a good place to start is to search Instagram using the #hashtag #Coddiwompling

You're bound to find an INSTA account with adventurous Kiwis, just like you, to follow. They're intent on finding out-of-the-way places to share their life 'in squares' so that their followers get a head start on which top spots to add to their itinerary.

Try these recommended accounts for starters :

@vangranz @adventureswithrosy

@wandawompling @coddiwomple_van

@lifedonedifferentlynz @wee.white.van


What is a hash tag? And how do you use it?

Take a word. Put a # (hash) in front of it. Its a hashtag.

Add the hash tag to your photos on instagram, your posts on facebook, any blog post you put on the internet. Just type it at the end. #coddiwompling

Now you can find your and other peoples stuff that share the same hash tag. Your photos and posts will stand alongside others who also add #coddiwompling to their photos.

Beware of what you see though stories

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