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Tanners Point

Bette Cosgrove

Paradise is when you coddiwomple to a pristine tidal bay for a swim and discover what the locals already know.

At a stunning freedom camp parking spot, bush and pohutukawa boughs reach down to the water along the coastal reserve walkway.

Fishers drift in to throw a line from the jetty, or putt out from the boat launch for a day on the water.

An old time local wanders up the track, bare feet following his old terrier.

Seniors meet to share the local gossip, retirees leisurely trek around the bay track and the clear water sparkles as the tide pulls up.

Everything is greener and bluer than you've seen for ages, and the light recharges your soul batteries.

Shhhhh don't tell too many people.

Katikati, Bay of Plenty.

Photos ©2022 Bette Cosgrove

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