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The Wild Wairarapa Coast

Allan Henderson

We spent a few days on the coast out from Martinborough, Te Awati camping area and then back to North Tora Reserve, some very rough coastline.

When we arrived it was beautiful, stunning and no wind. We enjoyed a beer or 2 under our awning, giving respite from the sun’s heat… Well ,that lasted for several hours and then the southerly wind hit us, full side-on and was moving our slide-out in with its gusts. We pulled anchor and swung about, tucking ourselves in a more sheltered area and facing the wind head on… Eventually we had to move our slide-out in part way, which meant we had to climb over the bed to use the bathroom in the night.

The next day started out fine, no wind and our world was at peace. Had a great day, bit of a walk and explore and chilled. Our night slowly started rocking as a fresh Northerly wind bashed into the rear of our camper. Again we battened down the hatches to ride it out.

TEventually we moved camp to Tora and enjoyed another beating from the wind. Time to head inland. We had a great time out there. The wind and the ocean are brutal, Mother Nature at its finest — but what a blast (pun intended)!

Yes, we would go back but would be very mindful of the weather. This area is beautiful, the roar of the ocean, the battered rocks, and the hills are stunning.

The road is very doable. We have an 8.5m motorhome with a toad, and generally had a smooth trip in, considering the length of gravel road. One section was very steep, a patch up after a slip — we bottomed out our tow bar on the way in and out. We have an Iveco rear wheel drive with good ground clearance; beware any front wheel drive and or low-to-the-ground rigs.

Photos © 2022 Allan Henderson

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