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8 days a week and 8 years to celebrate

Gary Stoneley

NZ’s national camping club turns 8

We are celebrating!

On the 31 December 2023 our inclusive, national camping club will be 8 years old. The All Points Camping Club was officially launched 31 December 2015. It’s been a journey and a half.

A timeless classic, the Beatles 8 Days a week was released a few days before my 5th Birthday in1964. As an upbeat and lively love song telling of passion and commitment, above and beyond, the song mirrors the passion, love and energy that has been put into the club by our team over the past 8 years.

From very small beginnings and a commitment to build an organisation that supports and encourages all NZ campers, while lobbying for our camping future the club has come a long way.

At times it has seemed like 8 days a week. It’s not always fun behind the scenes. Politics, camping and individual personalities can be a volatile mix, but the end result has been a national camping club that all NZ campers can be proud of.

It’s the passion and enthusiasm of our volunteer team and fantastic members from Northland to Southland and All Points in between that makes it worth it.

So here’s a great big thank you to the All Points team for sharing your love and passion for camping 8 days a week, for 8 years.

Happy Birthday! to the best, inclusive and most caring NZ camping family — All Points Camping Club of NZ — It’s our babe.

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Gary Stoneley

Membership costs $35.00 first year.

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