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Fill in the grid: campers in winter

Rhonda Marshal

Each of the underlined words below should be recorded into the list on the left. Place each word according to the number of letters in the word. Then transfer the words into the Fill-it-in-grid.

Want a winter task? You may not be out in the raw camping but there’s still plenty to do. Check your registration and WOF for example. When do they expire? You can see how the water tightness is holding up on your equipment. Does anything need a reapplication of waterproofing? Grab your silicone spray and apply a new coating. It also helps make your canvas less perishable. Examine those tent pegs and have a squiz at your tramping boots. Any rust on your gas bottle? Give your fly screens a wash. How many leaves have fallen on your solar panel?

Another job is to check out any hobby equipment you take with you, or even for your pet. Fishing reel, golf clubs, bow and arrow, ball and rope. Take a look in your first aid bags. Got anything in there for a sting, be it from a bee to a blue bottle jelly fish?

So, all in all, winter is not necessarily the time for a nap or sitting around star gazing. After you’ve chowed down on your breakfast pancake with maple syrup, you can rip into a few camping tasks. Just to remind yourself of why we love camping so much!

The shaded area is a mystery word.

Using the additional 9 letters can you work out this mystery word? Additional letters: A C C L L R R R T W

Download a pdf to print

Download the solution pdf to print

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