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Camping as a young family

Tim and Natasha Fordham

Our story begins in December of 2022 shortly after the birth of our second child, we decided that now was as good of a time as any to dip our toes into the world of caravanning.

With our budget set, some research done, we began searching. Luckily it didn’t take long before we found a promising lead worth looking at, so we bundled the kids into the car and went for a drive to go and have a look. We very quickly fell in love, so legal tender was exchanged and we were on our way home with our very own new/old poptop that we affectionately named “Bingo.”

So now what? Where do we go? So after a quick google search we ended up spending two nights out at “Te Wera Lodge” halfway in the middle of nowhere on the Forgotten World Highway, State Highway 43.

Over the almost three days we stayed, we quickly figured out we were woefully under-prepared, beginning with three failed attempts and one almost successful divorce, at putting the awning up and ending with a long shopping list of utensils and activities to keep in our little camper. Most importantly we all enjoyed it enough to give it another go.

Fast forward six months with countless adventures with friends, family joining us on a few occasions, and a week-long trip around the bottom of the North Island.

Moving forward we want to add bunk beds for the kids, heating for winter adventures and a few more comforts for our cozy home away from home. We’re all looking forward to more camping adventures and creating core memories as a family.

Fast forward six months: countless adventures with friends and family.

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