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Five days from Alex to Cromwell

Miriam Richardson

For a leisurely trip from Alexandra to Cromwell, enjoy these freedom camping spots along the way.

Burtons looking toward the Clyde Dam. ©2024 M Richardson

Across the old bridge at Clyde is the Burton Creek camp above the Clyde Dam. Provided by Contact Energy, it is limited to 15 certified self-contained vehicles, and a maximum 3 continuous nights. Indulge in cycling, walking, water sports or fishing or simply enjoy the view. It’s a fair hike to Clyde, but you can always cycle it. The Dunstan Cycle Trail passes the site on its way to the Clyde’s Heritage Precinct. Free

Looking across the lake to the Burton Creek camp.

Champagne Gully. You dont need to be self-contained to stay here. ©2024 Andrew Morton

Day 4, back on the road to Cromwell, the next along our way is Champagne Gully (above) where you can stay just one night. Tents and those not self-contained are allowed here, as it has toilets. It can get busy. This is a LINZ site. Free

Jacksons free camp. ©2024 M Richardson

Our fifth night is at Jacksons (above), also a LINZ site. Named after the orchard that was sacrificed for the Clyde Dam, there are still some apricot and walnut trees, lovely if you there in the right season. You must be self-contained (by 2023 rules), and can stay just one night. There is a rubbish bin. It’s a popular water sport and picnic spot for locals. Free

So, 5 nights and 20 km, enjoying the magnificent Lake Dunstan. It is ten more km to Cromwell. Zero cost. 

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Open to all, courtesy of NZ's national camping club, All Points Camping.

Jacksons, looking down the Lake. ©2024 M Richardson

a free, leisurely trip

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