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All Points Camping

All Points Camping


We are proud to sponsor this issue of Camping the Kiwi Way

Brought to you by NZ’s inclusive, friendly, camping club, for your reading pleasure.

Family membership to the All Points Camping Club gives you:

  • Membership support

  • Friendly, inclusive camping events

  • Nationwide savings

  • Lobbying support for campers’ rights.

You don’t have to have a self-contained vehicle to join. You don’t have to be a member to come to our events.It’s more than just a club, it’s like one big family.

Come along to one of our events near you. Bring the tent, bring the kids.

Join now

only $35NZ’s national camping club 

Join here:

✶ When the benefits far exceed the cost you’d be crazy not to take it up. ✶ 

Our values: compassion, inclusion, support and encouragement

Image: ©2024 Margaret Earle

come along my friends, come along...

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