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Am I freedom camping?

Bette Cosgrove

Infographic created from the quiz by Leanne Edwards from Quirky Campers

You may be surprised to learn when you are and aren’t actually freedom camping, and subject to freedom camping laws. Where and how to legally freedom camp is limited by the both law and bylaws to encourage responsible camping.

You can freedom camp anywhere on public land:

  • where there is no bylaw to prohibit it, and your vehicle has a current/valid warrant, ie. it is a certified Self-Contained Vehicle [SCV],

  • in a tent (or temporary structure) where there is no bylaw prohibiting it,

  • in a non-self-contained vehicle where it is specifically allowed (with or without added restrictions).

Freedom Camping Act 2011:

Not many score more than half. How well can you do?16 = all correct]

Your score and model responses are revealed when you submit your answers. No personal data is collected by this self test.

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Photo: Image ©2024 M Richardson

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