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Miriam Richardson, Editor

I have been enjoying following along on Facebook the many campers who aren’t intimidated by the season and are planning to continue camping in Winter. 

I have been perched at the campground in Glendhu Bay, plugged in to power while I work on this magazine, enjoying day after day of beautiful weather and stunning views, while the North Island has been cloudy, buffeted by wind, and fairly damp. I am not sure if this is a charmed spot or I have just been lucky.

It has been a pretty grim time for people who want to freedom camp, having to work hard to find practical solutions within the flawed regulations. You will find some articles here on how to meet the toilet requirements for the new green warrant. 

There is a possibility there might be relief from the bizarre requirement to drill a hole in your toilet cassette and your vehicle. Holding off might save $ (and defer payment of the $120 government self-containment levy).

There are more vehicle inspectors for the green warrants, though still not enough. You might be lucky enough to find one in your area.

The government has announced an increase in the visitor levy on tourists. So far it has wasted all it collected this way on enforcement — if it created more facilities the need for enforcement would be less, but there is no impetus, either locally or nationally to improve or increase facilities for these, our most lucrative tourists.

As we head in to winter, keep warm, keep camping, keep enjoying and caring for our lovely country. 

Tiaki mai.

Miriam Richardson

Image: Glendhu Bay, Wanaka, ©2024 M Richardson

keep warm, keep camping, keep enjoying

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