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Planning a toilet for the freedom camping green warrant?

Bette Cosgrove

There are multiple fixed toilet options to meet your space and budget. 

The toilet receptacle must have the capacity to hold enough waste for 3 days of use by the number of people camping in the vehicle. This number appears on the warrant.

Consider if you need 12v power or separate water source for flushing. This may determine your choice.

Options : 

  • chemical cassette toilets

  • swivel cassette toilets

  • compost waterless loos (more p16)

  • DiY compost loo

  • separation tank toilets 

  • bagged waste compost toilets

  • marine toilets with small waste tanks 

  • incineration toilets

  • plumbed toilets with black tanks.

Larger motorhomes or caravans often have black tanks, but these aren’t an option when space is limited.

What does “fixed” mean?

Fixed simply means attached so the toilet cannot be removed from the vehicle.

Fixed does not mean permanently plumbed in. 

The base must be permanently fixed to the floor or onto a fixed sliding platform that is bolted down.

If the toilet is in the vehicle and the waste tank/s can be safely lifted out within the vehicle to be emptied, then this meets the rules. You do not have to only empty the waste via an external compartment or door.

Portable toilets don’t meet the new criteria because their base waste tank has to be removed for emptying. A modified portapotty is highly unlikely to meet the new standard.

What physical space is ok?

You don’t need a separate toilet or shower room to fit it into. 

The rules state that you must be able to “use” your toilet within the vehicle. There is no demand to have it always available when your bed is made up. If you can access it and use it, it passes. 

Sealed tanks

The waste tanks must have a fully sealable lid or gate closure — not just a closing toilet lid.

What does it mean for a toilet to be vented?

A pipe vent is all that is required, there is no need for a fan unless the toilet manufacturer requires it.

You currently need to breach the permanently fixed, sealed cassette toilet to add a vent pipe to the removable tank to comply. Some cassette toilets have extra vent systems designed to fit them, some do not. You will nullify any warranty for a new cassette toilet by modifying it yourself.

Make sure the vent connection can be easily detached from the cassette and ensure there is no way it can spill when removing or carrying it to empty.

See p12 for more on venting, including on toilet cassettes.

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capacity to hold enough waste for 3 days

, p


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