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Staying safe as you travel



Check out the road before you travel. NZTA provides maps with current road closures, dangers, warnings, road works.


Get a weather app on your phone: NIWA and the Met Service both provide weather warnings as well as forecasts. (Pictured, the app on a phone)

Fire danger

NIWA gives regional guides on the current fire danger. Check before you strike the match.

Electrical warrants

Required by campgrounds, these warrants also ensure there is no electrical danger to you or your family. Renewed every 4 years. More

Gas safety check

These are not required, but recommended every 2 years. With the vibrations of travel even well constructed gas setups can develop leaks over time. Some people have gas sniffers so they can check their own space as they travel

Fire safety

Have a fire extinguisher, and be mindful where it is placed. Shake it up every month. A fire blanket works for different kinds of fires (more). Can you break a window to get out if there is a fire? With what?


• Smoke, 

• Sudden heat, 

• Carbon monoxide, 

• LPG. 

Get the right ones in the right place with the right batteries / power. Check them regularly:perhaps as daylight saving changes.

Personal Locator Beacons

Stay safe when out in the wilds. More on p25

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