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A weekend at Mt Somers

Linda Butler

Canterbury All Points campers enjoyed a great weekend at Mt Somers in March. It was full of sunshine, friendly locals and surprising entertainment. We will never forget that hedge which we are sure we deciphered. But I won’t tell the answer on here… 

Nor will I forget the look on a members face when her chair collapsed on her. It’s all part of camping. Our group included a 15 month old toddler to great grandparents with their photos.

The domain had the cleanest facilities that I personally have come across in a while.

A few of our members were thrilled to watch a local rugby game in play, reviving what rugby was all about, the atmosphere, the shouting, the energy.

The Museum was opened for us. I enjoyed watching the team reminiscing over objects from their childhood. The history stored within is well worth a browse.

We had a few energetic walkers that either explored the Blackburn Mine or went to see what the Sharplin Falls were about. They returned to camp with big smiles.

The general store was a short walk. We browsed the gardens and lovely cared-for homes on our way there for a barista coffee. Yum. OK, the odd person sneaked back for ice cream and or pies…

The friendly publican nearly cooked us with his log fire, lol, but better than a cold room. Oh, and I think Trev left some of the roadside blackberries for others.

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“What an awesome bunch of happy campers. Fabulous weekend, weather was great, company great. Some of us enjoyed our stay so much we stopped an extra night or two. This is another “go back to” location.”

Images ©2024 Linda Butler

an awesome bunch of happy campers

, p


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