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5 Spring 2023
Uncertain times, but enjoy our country to the max.


Miriam Richardson

For those of us camping in tents, or with vans, buses or motorhomes with fixed toilets, the recent law changes are having little immediate impact. Those with portable toilets, and those planning self-containment in their vehicle, are living through a long, slow time of uncertainty while they wait for clarity so they can choose how and whether to upgrade their setup and or pursue other camping options.

Let’s encourage our councils to make space for campers of all stripes; they can do it if they have a will.

As we enjoy Spring and get ready for the Summer it is time to make the most of our camping opportunities, whatever they are.

Share what you know

This issue we have featured Stop and Stay, a free listing of recommended places (p12). Add your recommendations for free camping spots, campgrounds, DOC sites or private places that allow people to stay.

Those of you camping with dogs, let others know which places are great for you and your pets.

Which places are great to take teenagers? toddlers? grandchildren?

Where are the places where the fishing is good; or kyaking, cycling, or other pursuit?

Love small towns

This issue we feature Waiau, a tiny town in North Canterbury with a lot to offer (p23). What small towns have you visited that welcome campers? Let us all know: add their overnight spots to Stop and Stay. We want the small towns to welcome and love us: lets stay some nights, spend some dollars, add some value, explore and enjoy the place.

And let’s leave the remote and beautiful places just as beautiful when we leave as when we arrive. Tiaki mai.

Miriam Richardson


make the most of our camping opportunities, whatever they are

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