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5 Spring 2023
The short version

Freedom camping & self-containment status, spring 2023

Miriam Richardson

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The rules on freedom camping on public land have changed, NZ-wide.

The PGDB* administers  the new (green-warrant)  self-containment, including authorities who manage the testing and issuing of certificates. In progress; goes ‘live’ 6/12/23.

New regulations for self-containment, including fixed toilets†, are now law; the regs are loose rather than prescriptive.

The PGDB* is in the process of providing guidance on how the new, loose regulations should actually be applied: due 7/12/23.

The old standard and the blue warrants are still valid.

New blue warrants can be issued, but their use is limited if the toilet is portable.

*Plumbers, Gasfitters, and Drainlayers Board Wording in the law: “a toilet that is permanently fixed to the motor caravan or caravan, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions”


Things have changed

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