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5 Spring 2023
Baby Bear, Mama Bear and Papa Bear campers

This is the story of three types of self-contained vehicles…

Bette Cosgrove

Baby Bear, Mama Bear and Papa Bear campers… and how they all parked up for an All Points Camping NZ gathering and cooked breakfast together one winter’s day.

Baby Bear

Mama Bear

Papa Bear

No porridge was consumed in the making of these meals.

All Points Camping Club organises regular get togethers across Aotearoa.This gathering was in July, at Featherston School, Wairarapa, for a Matariki Weekend camp for self-contained vehicles.

The next Wellington Region APC Spring camp event will be hosted at Carterton Holiday Park Sept 29–Oct 1.

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Editor: Grandpa Bear?

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Three bears and no porridge

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