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Summer, Issue 2, Camping the Kiwi Way
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Taking a left turn
Are you a mainstream traveler, always following the main highways or are you a diversionist, taking that chance to detour from the main route to explore and maybe encounter something new or different? On our recent trip north we decided to veer from the main flow of traffic and take a left turn.
Editorial: A long hot summer
As we move towards summer the cabbage trees are in full and generous flower, the sign of a long hot summer to come, I am told.
Explore the far flung, out-of-the-way places this summer
Gore Bay
Gore Bay Camp is a small camp. The facilities are old, but usable. Such a great place to go for a weekend break close to our home in Christchurch.
Cycle touring: Part II, Southland to the West Coast
After my ride from Canterbury to Southland, the next step was to continue my clockwise circuit of the Island.
Ready for tomorrow’s ride
I’m in Rotorua today (MTB Mecca) ready for tomorrow’s ride, the Whakarewarewa Forest Loop: 33km, 3hr. Another one of the 23 Great Rides of NZ. ©2022 Andrew Morton
Freedom camping, November 1964
One of my first memories of camping was at ‘Spec Creek’. You won’t find it on a map — it was just some little creek on the side of the road, somewhere in Central Otago, where our car broke down. There was nothing there.
How many freedom campers are there?
Nobody knows. The Ministry has made some guesses.
Talking to four van loads of international tourists
On my last roadie I met and chatted with four van loads of international tourists from UK, Australia and Germany who have been freedom camping around NZ in small (slider-type) hire vans from Escape or Jucy.
#vanlife #ontheroadagain #freedomcampingnz
Camping / caravan tips — Setup / packup
Do you struggle when you set up your camp or your caravan?
Pick and pedal
Is that e-bike right for you? Many New Zealanders are now moving to e-bikes and they definitely have health advantages while being cheap to operate and maintain.
Back in the days — Circa 2008
Back in the days — Circa 2008. That caravan was damned heavy behind the bike.
Implications for councils of the proposed ‘Nash bill
Here are the issues to consider with the major legislative change which is currently proposed and going through Select Committee hearings.
Now is the time to voice any concerns or issues your council has with this bill.
Buckets, gladwrap, and gossip
The Minister of Tourism the opened the speaking with gossip of buckets covered in gladwrap being used as toilets in motorhomes.
Wild camping with a dog on a wet wild night
It was a very wet, rainy camp with my dog in a dense bush.
It was Bentley's first overnighter using a tent & fly.
Choosing an internet provider
It’s a thorny problem, deciding how to connect to the internet on the road — so many different choices, plans and options; so many unfamiliar concepts. Here’s a ‘simple’ guide.
Here are the steps: • First: understand what you want or need. • Second: find out what is available and what it costs. • Third sleep on it, ask around, sleep on it again. • Fourth: decide between using a mobile phone, a modem (or satellite) for the internet. • Fifth: review available plans. Choose. Maybe sleep on it again. • Sixth: Sign up.
The Wild Wairarapa Coast
We spent a few days on the coast out from Martinborough, Te Awati camping area and then back to North Tora Reserve, some very rough coastline.
Ready for a family weekend away camping
Ready for a family weekend away camping.
National Parks : Game
Can you place all the national parks?
How we solved a problem and started a new business
It’s four years now since John first decided to do something to make emptying our toilet cassette easier and cleaner.
Overnight beside the Aparima River
I slept overnight beside the Aparima River near Opio (Southland).
Worth a detour: The Marokopa River Valley
Next time you’re in the Waitomo area (the Waikato region of the North Island) it’s worth the detour to check out three natural landmarks that are really close together, on the Te Anga Road.
Freedom camping on the East Cape
Gisborne District Council have very clear freedom camping bylaws which demand waste management, #leavenotrace principles.
These bylaws clearly follow the intent of the Freedom Camping Act and look to be the perfect example for other districts
Nokomai station
Nokomai station on the way to Queenstown. We went there as kids; now we take our kids there.
Caravan & Motorhome Electrics by Collyn Rivers
This is a book for people who want to understand how their electrics work as well as for people who are designing / building / converting a caravan or motorhome.
Fishing at Kingston
Secured a magical spot beside the lakes edge at Kingston freedom camp and went fishing.
South Island Lakes: Game
Can you fill in the blanks?
Camping without a fridge: chilly bins and cooler bags
In the old days, people used “meat safes” or “safes” but my experience is with chilly bins or Esky cooler bags.
Evaporation can lower the temperature as much as 15°C
Pannekoeken for breakfast
Every trip we make a breakfast fruits pancake. Usually apple pannekoeken.
Best brunch option ever, and a traditional favourite!
Hitting the Northland beaches — Stop and Stay
Heading up to the top of the North Island to see Cape Reinga is on most people’s bucket lists. For those who enjoy a bit of camping, finding that perfect spot to stay is an added bonus. Finding two such places is something special. Tapotupotu DOC campsite. Matauri Bay Holiday Park
TIP: Solar panel cleaning
Except in rainy areas solar panels need cleaning from time to time.
Never wipe them dry and especially do not polish them
Finally made it out to Ocean Beach
Finally made it out to Ocean Beach in Whangarei. Mavis in her natural habitat.
Hints and tips on toilet cassettes
I figured Heather and John had put lots of time into thinking into how best to manage a toilet cassette as they developed their Dump Mate, so I asked them to share their best tips with us. Editor
A DIY tool to unscrew the top of the cassette
This tool takes some of the pressure off the plastic lugs, that get some stress every time you open up the cassette for cleaning.
Katikati coastal estuary cycle way
Cycling on a stunning Spring day around the Katikati coastal estuary cycle way.
Instagrammable: making the most of instagram
So many travellers, campers, and vanlifers are recording their journeys on 'the gram' these days, sharing snippets of their lives, packaged neatly in squares or reels.
Beware of what you see though stories
Purakaunui Bay Campsite
What a stunner this place was! Nothing like falling asleep to the sound of waves crashing on the beach.
Test the person not the vehicle
RCAi is a strong advocate for positive solutions to any freedom camping issue, working to protect the right to freedom camp on public land in line with the current permissive Freedom Camping Act, and the Bill of Rights Act.
Responsible camping — whether using a pup tent or staying in a house-bus — is at the heart of our mission.
Another beautiful day at Tangimoana
Another beautiful day at Tangimoana. (Manawatu)
Preparing for the cold winter "brrrrrr's"
Darn, we could only get the new heater up to 10ºC on that night, and woke to a -3ºC frost. We opened the oven door, lit the gas and waited for sunshine.
Now’s the time to plan or prepare your caravan, bus or motorhome for next winter. I asked Linda to tell us about her journey to warm up their bus. Editor
Tanners Point
Paradise is when you coddiwomple to a pristine tidal bay for a swim and discover what the locals already know.
Articles from Collyn Rivers
Three helpful articles on electrics.
Clifden Suspension Bridge
Car camping allows me to still enjoy the outdoors, here at Clifden Suspension. Bridge
NZers go camping: clubs & groups on Facebook
Found on Facebook: NZ Cycling groups; NZ Women travelling; NZ Camping groups
EVENTS — Camping
Camps advertised by All Points Camping and NZ Fun Adventures
For more camps keep an eye on & (FB)
EVENTS — Festivals and Shows
These events offer an opportunity for people to overnight while they attend. Some are restricted to certified self contained vehicles, some restrict or ban pets. Check the event website for details.
Summer 2022


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