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Autumn 2024



Camping The Kiwi Way, Autumn 2024
• Celebrating Summer. • Navigating freedom camping law changes. • Hitting the road full time. • RV businesses and services.
By Campers for campers
Table of contents
• Celebrating summer. • So you want to freedom camp. • Ten tips for hitting the road full time. • My caravan that floats. • Three octogenarian campers. • RV & camper business services.
When I began assembling this issue I came up against a dilemma. How to inspire without sweeping under the carpet the negative things happening for freedom camping in New Zealand?
How to inspire without sweeping things under the carpet?
The packdown
In our previous years, we could never pack down in time and were always hot and bothered by the end. This year, we nailed it with time to spare!
we were always hot and bothered by the end
Predictable problems with the new CSC green warrant system
A gaze into the green crystal ball of hope for a consistent, reliable freedom camping vehicle certification system, reveals an extremely stormy and very cloudy future.
The 29 inspectors would need to re-certify about 260 vehicles per working day to update already-certified vehicles by the Jun ’25 deadline: IMPOSSIBLE
Celebrating Summer
Six pages of stories from around the country and the season.
We made it to Curio Bay
Well we made it to Curio Bay on Monday afternoon, after an 8¾ hour drive.
Despite the fekin Curio Bay sandflies bombers it’s a pretty good camp.
The dogs had visitors
The dogs had visitors at Knottingly Park and Arboretum camp.
Making new friends at camp is fun!
Foray into paradise
I can’t really take in how gorgeous the McKenzie Basin is.
swimming and reading this afternoon
Self-containment warrant cards: Which one is yours?
What you can do with your particular warrant card.
they may not inspect inside your vehicle
Tucks Bay, Coramandel
Home for the night became Tucks Bay, the overflow part of the Long Bay Campground, Coromandel
better than any Top 10
I could live like this forever
I could live like this forever.
Three adults, three kids & five dogs
We settled on Lake Opuha for our latest trip.
Not FREE but truly freedom at its best
SH 35 is a magical journey. Put it on your list.
a magical journey
Love Woodville Ferry Reserve
Love Woodville Ferry Reserve, hardly anyone here.
hardly anyone here
So you want to freedom camp
We are in a transition period from the old ‘blue’ warrant system to a new ‘green’ warrant system. The transition period is set to expire 7 June ’25. There is a small possibility that the Minister might choose to extend the transition period: it could help, with so many needing to be certified by so few.
Remember JUNE 6: 2024 & 2025
Hammock time
Hammock time, Tokomaru Bay ©2024 Bette Cosgrove
So thankful
After 21 days #vanlife freedom camping…
billions of stars
In two minds
In two minds about posting this as it was so wonderful to have had it all to ourselves (the way I like it this side of Xmas!) for 3 nights! But its such a cool place I can’t not share and recommend it.
My 3 boys absolutely loved it, as did I!
Enjoying the shade
Great place to enjoy the shade. Orton Bradley Park.
Peaceful Fortrose
A beautiful peaceful place, Fortrose, in The Catlins.
What is ‘self-contained’, anyway?
Self-containment is at the heart of the the latest raft of freedom camping changes instituted in 2023.
none of those involved in regulating it seem to really care about self-containment, per se
The life and times of a Ford Trader Camper truck
The original camper truck in 1973 was aFord Trader .
Kiwi ingenuity at its best
Setting up at Campfest
Setting up at Campfest, Bulls, Feb 24. ©2024 Tracey Davis.
Escape to Papatowai
After the chaos of Christmas our frazzled nerves needed restoring. We threw a few supplies into the campervan and headed for the healing calm of Papatowai.
absolute bliss
Eclectic bunch
What an eclectic bunch of lovely people camping all sorts of ways.
A lovely long weekend away at Lake Ōhau
I’ve just had a lovely long weekend away at Lake Ōhau in my little Wanda.
as i drove to work on Monday the lake was like glass
Enforcement of freedom camping rules
Offences to avoid when freedom camping. Who has to pay, Knowing or not knowing you have been ‘infringed’. What information must enforcement officers give? What information are you required to give? You can be required to leave. Impounding things.
infringement fees/fines are $400 up to $10,000
We had a great stay at Tokomaru Bay
Our camp was right on the beach looking directly out to where the sun would rise.
the East Cape sunrises didn’t disappoint
Family camping… part of my DNA
Family camping… part of my DNA for 60 years.
Two nights (again) at our local reserve
Two nights (again) at our local reserve… Waitohi Bush Reserve … great place to just unwind and listen to the bellbirds.
only 8 mins from home
Home for the next few weeks
Ruataniwha Conservation Park.
I am not freedom camping’ cards
We are now in a surreal world of peculiar freedom camping rules. Every camping vehicle is now at risk of substantial fines, wherever it is parked, as the new offence of “preparing to freedom camp” is defined as “parking”.
I can see no downside in being clear about my intentions Imagine if other NZers had to justify their parking or risk a $400 fine every time they went to the shops or the beach.
A small, perfectly formed bikepacking trip
Haven’t done a huge amount of biking this summer, but sometimes all it takes is a small, perfectly formed bikepacking trip to rekindle the love.
all it takes is a small, perfectly formed bikepacking trip
Heading to The Burt
Well after a week of covid and still not a lot of energy I decided bugger it and I’m heading to The Burt
Bugger it, I’m heading to The Burt
Haere ra
Haere rā everyone. Shame we can’t stay longer.
shame we can’t stay longer
Truly a Summer to remember
Currently on night 23 of this 86-night trip. In Murchison next week I celebrate my 250th night since getting my teardrop.
my 250th night since getting my teardrop
Christmas at Lake Aniwhenua
Christmas at Lake Aniwhenua, with 6 others, all old friends from around the North Island
six others, all old friends
Do your bit: Task of the week
Let one person in authority know you want to protect your right to freedom camp on public land.
choose just one
The cat comes too
The cat comes too. This spot is only 6km from home. And the cat always come along for the adventures…
only 6km from home...
No more freedom camping
No more freedom camping for these responsible campers. No room for a fixed loo…
Ten tips for hitting the road full time
Van life is becoming more and more popular but the transition to this lifestyle can be far from smooth. After 3 years on the road, here’s our tips to get you from house life to road life.
we’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to
Kaikōura: the freedom camping Wild West
Why stick to the law if you can get away with whatever takes your fancy?
targeting smaller vehicles and poorer citizens
A cure for the stubborn peg
I thought people might find this useful — I always struggle to pull pegs out…
I can heave out even the most stubborn peg
Charly the campervan
New Zealand’s first wheelchair accessible campervan, CHARLY, will soon be available for hire.
giving wheelies the freedom to travel
Taihape: the perfect stopover place
Okay , listen up, this is new. When travelling the North Island, Taihape has become the perfect stopover place.
Okay, listen up
Hey NZ Govt? You are messing with my mental health
I go camping for my mental health. Bev and I have done this for over 25 years. I’m not happy with the NZ Government interfering with my choice of leisure time by restricting how I go camping.
I just want to go camping. It’s healthy, its fun, and it keeps me sane.
7 days a week
7 days a week, NZ Lifestyle Camping works to support NZ campers and the commercial vehicle industry that require certified self-containment
substantial unnecessary costs
All Points Camping at Morisons Bush
All Points Camping at Morisons Bush, Waitangi Weekend 2024.
Kiwi camping with a difference
It all started with a chance conversation with friends about a special birthday coming up & the fact that I wanted to take my wife & kids on a trip to the South Island.
It all started with a chance conversation
Sundown, Tucks Bay
Sundown, Tucks Bay, Coramandel.
Hidden gem
Recently when we were traveling south from Whangārei on State Highway 1, we spotted a sign for Waipu Caves. It was a spur of the moment decision to investigate further, as we turned onto a gravel side road.
up close to the stalactites and stalagmites
It was a tent
It’s too big for a chair and it’s not moving in the water so I can only guess it’s another tent blown away, full of belongings.
take heed to weather warnings
My caravan that floats
Our family owns a 24ft (7.3 metre) trailer sailer. It is a bit like a floating caravan and we have had many camping holidays on the water.
a floating caravan
Fishing when your caravan floats.
Food supplies can be supplemented with fishing when your caravan floats.
Make caravan fridges work as claimed
To make caravan fridges work as claimed, and draw less energy, is cheap, simple and easy. Many can be transformed. This article shows how.
problems are almost always due to faulty installation
A small, perfectly formed bikepacking trip
Sedgemere Track is only open for six weeks of the year...
perhaps the hottest six weeks of the year.
Best pull-out kitchen at Campfest
Recipes for camping
Tinned chickpeas are a useful thing to keep in your caravan cupboard. As well as being tasty they are a good source of protein. Here’s a couple of recipes you could use them in.
Bonus tip: keep meat longer by vacuum packing
Pizza in the Omnia
I just tried making pizza in the Omnia Oven. It looks and smells good, just have to wait for it to cool down and stop bubbling!
a great solution if you don’t have an oven
DOC update
Clean your gear. Works underway to reopen Morere Hot Pools. More than 10,000 wild goats removed in a national competition. Nature as therapy is the focus of a new guide. DOC report shows short adventures trending for travellers. Ōparara Basin waharoa unveiled. A sea lion/pakake mum swam 60 kilometres inland. Checking a week-old Albatross chick, Tairoa Heads.
finding creative ways to enjoy nature
100 years old and still works like it should
Coleman model 1 stove.
Living an endless summer
Delightful to chat with Alan and Joyce on a glorious summer’s day at Little Waipa reserve. Joyce was setting out the table and chairs in a sunny spot overlooking the Waikato River after a chillyish night with temperature inside the caravan at a brisk 11º.
an endless summer travelling across hemispheres to avoid the cold
The perils of a coiled power supply cord
Some caravanners are connecting a 230 volt power supply, via a lead, that is “coiled on a reel”, which is not completely “uncoiled” from the cable drum.This is not good practice. Here is why.
don't do it
Camp au naturel
There are many ways to have a summer camping holiday, and everyone has their own reasons for choosing where they camp, how they camp and who they camp with. Some folk choose to go where they can shed their clothes along with the stresses and worries of every day life.
shed your clothes along with the stresses of every day life
Hokitika beach sculpture
Whanganui vintage camping
In January, 70 adults and 25 young people took part in an All Points camp at the Whanganui Intermediate School for the Whanganui Vintage Weekend. They camped in a mix of caravans, tents, motor homes and small vans and many camped as family groups or with their friends.
Come and camp with us next year
Waihopai camp and the Marlborough Wine and Food Festival
Our All Points Camping NZ park and camp was at the Waihopai Community Centre and Reserve, 16km away from Marlborough’s iconic wine and food event.
drinks, nibbles, discussions, good laughs
Three octogenarian campers
Between them they have over 240 years of camping experience.
river bank sites, a football field, a pickers hut, wild camping all over NZ
Three singers at Campfest ’24
Got to sing with these amazing girls — Karen Clarke & Tina Turley. AWESOME.
Stop and stay with your DOG
North Island. South Island. Free, low cost and paid.
so many to choose from
Land of the Lotus
Just a 15min drive from the Whangarei you’ll find Land of the Lotus – Water Gardens and Banana Park. A must stopover for all garden lovers.
a discount for helping in the garden
Scottland Motorhome Park
The perfect private park out of Bannockburn. On the top of a ridge looking down to Cromwell one side, Carricktown the other, it’s a windy spot with dramatic views, dramatic weather and the history of the valley is dramatic as well.
a windy and dramatic spot with wonderful hosts
Events: Camping
Camping events in Autumn.
come along
Getting outdoors
A suite of Facebook groups from NZ Fun Adventures to encourage you outdoors.
Festivals and Shows
These events either offer overnight parking or the local area provides options.
DOC campsites 1: In the north: Fill in the spaces
There are more than 200 DOC sites throughout New Zealand, 34 in the north. Work out which15 of those in the north fit the grid.
how many have you visited?
Camping and RV Businesses Services
Self containment, LPG work, electrical work, motorhome work & more.
All Points Camping Club of NZ
Membership support. Friendly, inclusive camping events. Nationwide savings. Lobbying support for campers’ rights.

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