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Autumn, Issue 3, Camping the Kiwi Way
We bring you travel stories, tips, wonderful places to visit, insight into political changes, some solid information, a puzzle, light reading, serious reading and some fun browsing.
NZ is a camping culture
NZ is a camping culture This makes us who we are, connects us to our environment like nothing else
700 Campers at Kaitoke
Kaitoke saw over 700 campers on Waitangi weekend.
Editorial: looking back, looking forward
On shanks’s pony, in kayaks, boats, bikes, cars, vans, caravans, pop tops, tear drops, motorhomes, we have spread out over the summer, loving our country.
Tautuku Hut Track: Family-friendly tramping in the Catlins
Tautuku Hut is a lesser-known DOC hut in the Catlins. It is short and sweet, making it a great first overnight tramp for families. Myself and another mama picked this as our first overnight tramp with our babies.
We picked this as our first overnight tramp with our babies
Camping events on this Autumn
Festivals & Shows
Festivals where you can stay, that are on this Autumn (and a bit beyond)
A beautiful country, but…
Hold on a minute, we are campers and have most of the items required to survive the first few days of an emergency without outside assistance.
we have the equipment, experience, and resilience to cope with adverse conditions: 
it is what we do
Our little escape pod
We love our little caravan not just for holidays but for other emergency get-a-ways, should the situation call for it.
Vans can be SMALL but MIGHTY resources
Vans can be SMALL but MIGHTY resources. Orange Sky are providing shower and laundry services to many in flood-affected areas right now.
Ten hours into a power cut
Ten hours into a power cut with this cyclone .... THEN I remembered I've got full batteries in Mavis! Cheine Matheson
A storm over the DOC Homestead campsite
A storm over the DOC Homestead campsite near St Bathans, Central Otago. ©2023 Tony Kissel
Along a sandy beach
I rode on a trailer being towed along a long sandy beach. I squashed a few sandflies and went to bed blissfully happy each night.
HELLO 2023
I was invited to spend the New Year with friends at their crib at Papatowai.
I went to bed blissfully happy each night
Mavis bringing in the New Year
Mavis bringing in the New Year at Pahoia Beach, Bay of Plenty. © 2023 Cheine Matheson
What’s in a name? Is freedom camping actually free?
Who and how many are freedom camping?
Freedom camping is NEITHER free from cost NOR free from responsibility
Greymouth Star pinged
Their title: “Freedom campers pinged”. A prime example of poor and emotive reporting.
Nowhere special
Our trip to the Bridge to Nowhere, on the Whanganui river, will always be a special memory that I share with my 84 year old mother.
Small kayak camping
I see a lot of really big setups on Facebook, so I thought I'd share my 'small' kayak camping setup for the weekend.
sometimes it's about enjoying things simply
Simple is good
Yep, simple is good. Tony Dennerley
Can the travelling camper save NZ's small rural communities?
Smaller rural communities should be welcoming these thousands of travellers with open arms.
If these communities create opportunities for travellers, to camp or stay...
Eight days so far; 1300km in the car plus 216km on the mountain bike, and 45 days to go.
Why do I love camping so much?
For me it's not the destination
for me, it's about the senses
Bulls: heading to CAMPFEST
Where to stay if you are heading to or from Bulls. For CAMP FEST, or just to visit Bulls.
Camping and exploring in the Rangitikei
Rangatikei spreads from the western white sand beaches through river escarpment up to the Central Plateau.
It is fed by two major State Highways, SH1 and SH3, three major river systems and part of Te Araroa — New Zealand’s Trail.
Want NZ? See Westport
Want NZ? See Westport
SOG®: Fresh air in your toilet
With an electrically powered ventilator, SOG removes odours coming from the toilet eliminating the need for toilet chemicals.
A great two weeks at Waihora Domain
It was a great two weeks at Waihora Domain in Motukarara. Linda Butler.
Mavis at the Pahoia Beach Park
Here's Mavis hosting the family at Pahoia Beach Park. A must visit place for animal lovers. Bay of Plenty. Cheine Matheson
RV services North Is
The new Driftaway camping ground
The new Driftaway camping ground at Frankton in Queenstown. I have stayed in a car, and in a tent. Dogs are welcome. There are bbqs, a playground, breathtaking views, swimming in the lake and a hot tub for adults.
RV services South Is
South Arm, Lake Manapouri
South Arm, Lake Manapouri, in March. DOC. Tony Kissel
Hidden gems: Small Towns
Many of the small historic towns around New Zealand are becoming ghost towns and will be lost to us forever unless, we, the traveling community, do something about it.
Consider stopping for a night or three at one of the smaller towns or villages
If the law changes: Managing self-containment
From a small van to a large bus, there are thousands of commercially or home-built vehicles on our roads, providing travellers with all the necessary comforts of living, while they are also self contained.
It is camper behaviour which makes you responsible, not the equipment you have in your vehicle
Tramping the Kaweka Forest Park
I love the freedom that carrying an ultralight tent provides, it empowers you to camp wherever your legs can take you.
Gap year
I am currently helping my daughter build her own camper as she wants to take a gap year and see our beautiful country. Crispian
Cycle camping: Part 3: completing the South Island circuit
My ride from Rangiora around the South Island had been interrupted near Hokitika, but I was determined to restart it. I chose to do that at Sheffield and head west from there over Porters and Arthurs Pass.
Mountain biking
If it was that easy, everyone would do it.
Back at Motukarara
Back at Motukarara under the lovely trees on a hot day.
Marshmamallows by the fire
MarshmaMallows by the fire.
Walter Peak, early Autumn
I woke to a misty morning at Mavora Lake camp. I repacked the Toyota Estima and drove the dusty gravel road to Walter Peak Station.
Recipes for camping
Recipes for Rocks and Gravel, Paneer and Vege Curry and Tuna Pasta. Camp cooking when the fresh food is running out.
Marshmamallows in the rain
Marty toasting marshmallows in the rain.
5th wheeler best in camp
Quinney’s Bush camp: ‘5th wheeler best in camp’.
The power of freedom camping bylaws
Bylaws differ between regions of Aotearoa New Zealand, and do not exist in almost half of all council districts. Bylaws are created by local authorities — regional and district councils — to manage public land and facilities.
Away with the dog
We grab any chance to pack the Toyota Estima and the dog and just go.
South Island lakes: fill in the blanks
Fill in the blanks: South Island Lakes.
Waiting on a law change
As this magazine goes to print we are waiting to hear the government select committee’s recommendation on the bill introduced by Stuart Nash MP.
In a time when we should be encouraging NZer’s to be better prepared and more resilient ...
Another thing ticked off
I found the APC decal and first thing I did was to place it on the back of my camper van. Another thing I can tick off.
Waihopai Reserve
A weekend exploring the Waihopai Reserve in Marlborough.
Barbara Sanders’ Chameleon is ready for the road.
Fiat Ducato Motorhome Owners NZ
Our very first Fiat Ducato owners rally was held in Rotorua, late 2022. A chance for owners to help one another with problems, issues and share experiences and knowledge.
Mountain Mamas NZ
Mountain Mamas NZ is an online community of New Zealand-based mamas with a love of the great outdoors. We regularly share hiking trails, campsites, outdoor guides and inspirational posts on our social media and website.
Rarangi DOC campground: Stop and stay
By the sea, only twenty minutes from Blenheim, Rarangi is an easy flat drive.
Ngati Toa Domain:Stop and stay
The loveliest freedom camping spot before the Cook Strait ferries.
Tear drop camping on a NI bike trip
Camping on a NI bike trip: the teardrop, tarp, comfy chairs, a table and a BBQ.
Our first camper!
A pop top.
Murchison, Labour Weekend
An All Points Camping gathering at Murchison.
Autumn 2023


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