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Mary Reid

Easter: Lake Aniwhenua camp
 Wow what a great camp; we went from expecting 8 or 9 people to having over 20, with a range in numbers of nights spent at the camp, as well as day-trippers adding to the vibe. 

But what a fantastic camp site —staying lakeside all the water sports were on offer, trees,  walks, kids adventure playground including flying, and apart from the night chill we had fab days, albeit with the pesky wasps and/or mossies. 

We had the expected awesome camp social times with nights full of great humour and friendship as we caught up with members we knew and got to know the newbies — fab to see so many new faces rocking up to the Waikato-BoP camp and we all look forward to the next time we see you. 

Keep the wheels rolling. 

BY: Mary Reid, All Points Camping, Waikato/ Bay of Plenty


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1 Spring 2022

Keep on making memories, having fun, meeting new people and exploring: #campingTheKiwiWay.

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