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New Zealanders go Camping: Clubs & groups

Mike Walters

Meet our first two camping groups: All Points Camping Club of NZ & Kiwi Pop Top Campers

Each issue we will profile two clubs or groups that encourage us to explore our country

All Points Camping Club of NZ 

NZ’s inclusive camping club NZ wide, we provide support and encouragement to NZ campers, no matter what type of camping vehicle you use.  Camping has a long history as a recreational activity in NZ and many thousands of us enjoy traveling and camping out in different regions, often on less-traveled roads.  

Managed by a dedicated team of volunteers, the club supports its members in hosting and promoting camping events around the country, including 3rd party events with a camping component. These can include regional camps, festivals and special purpose camps supporting different groups. 

With a base philosophy of helping fellow campers there is always someone with the knowledge or contacts to be of assistance, when needed. As the club nears it’s 7th year anniversary, there are now regional reps throughout the country to help and support local members. 


As an All Points Camping Club member you receive considerable savings from national retailers that far exceed the $35 annual membership fee. By becoming a financial member you help us in the fight to ensure campers’ future rights, and fair and sustainable NZ-wide camping.  

The All Points Camping Club of NZ is proud to co-sponsor Camping the Kiwi Way initiatives.  

More, or to join: or 

find us at All Points Camping on Facebook.  

 Gary Stoneley, club founder

Kiwi Pop Top Campers

Welcome to Kiwi Pop Tops

When I first bought my 1976 Sprite Pop Top I couldn’t find any information on the web. I knew there were plenty of Pop Tops made in New Zealand back in the day so I thought I would set up the Kiwi Pop Tops Facebook group to see if there were many others out there. 

It would be a group where we could all share info, photos, stories and history on our different brands of Pop Tops. I thought I would get maybe 50 –100 people join the group, but we now have nearly 3,000 members and last month alone had 27,000 views! 

With Kiwis not been able to travel overseas over the past couple of years they have been buying caravans and motorhomes to travel around our own country. This has pushed the price of caravans up through the roof so the good old Kiwi Pop Top has become an affordable alternative. Easy to tow and small enough to store in your garage is also a bonus.

 This page was setup for anyone with an interest in pre ‘90 Kiwi Pop Tops including Sprite, Playboy, Nifty Nomad, Anglo Cheetah & Cubs, Topagee, Expander, Sunbird, Camp-o-matic, Liteweight Pop Tops and more.

Mike Walters

1 Spring 2022

All Points Camping Club of NZ & Kiwi Pop Top Campers

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