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Kimbolton Sculpture Festival

Gary Stoneley

Kimbolton hosts an annual sculpture festival in April.  

The outdoor art and sculpture exhibition is accompanied by food, music, and lots of family fun. The most recent festival was in 2021. Fingers crossed for 2023.

Sophie Coleman was the ‘Local yokel’ competition winner in 2021 for her Kimbolton Butterfly. 

The creativity and imagination of the exhibitors is just incredible. What can be made out of what a lot of us see as junk is unbelievable. Kimbolton Sculpture Festival 2021.

BY: Gary Stoneley

The Kimbolton Butterfly

My entry for the Kimbolton Sculpture Festival was a monarch butterfly, built to the scale of 25:1. I named my sculpture Ashia, which means life and hope, reflecting the symbolism of a butterfly. 

The main idea behind my sculpture was to encourage a positive perspective on change and new beginnings. 

The sculpture transformed items such as corrugated iron, baling twine and an axle, and gave them a new life.  It was such a lovely surprise to have received the Local Yokel award for my creation which you had sponsored, so a huge thank you for your continued support of the Kimbolton Sculpture Festival. 

BY: Sophie Coleman


31 Mar–2 Apr 2023 RSVP: Come and stay with All Points Camping. 

Kimbolton Sculpture Festival 2023

Photos: ©2022 Gary Stoneley

1 Spring 2022

The creativity and imagination of the exhibitors is just incredible.

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