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Let’s go camping: Editorial

Miriam Richardson, Gary Stoneley

Camping the Kiwi Way brings you the positive side of camping in NZ.

Camping in NZ is a healthy, lifestyle, and recreational activity enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of NZ campers and overseas visitors each year. Most are responsiible campers. Weekend or long term campers, people who stay at campgrounds or those who freedom camp — most leave no trace.

The more NZ families that get out and enjoy our wonderful country the better. NZ needs each new generation to get a chance to experience the pleasures and challenges of our wild and beautiful country. #campingthekiwiway

This magazine aims to help people find clubs and groups that will encourage and support their camping, in all its forms, and to provide a place for groups to share their events and stories, and attract new members.

We hope this magazine and the #campingthekiwiway brand will unite the many different camping groups we have in NZ to create a unified voice and energy for sustainable camping for current and future generations of New Zealanders.

Over the past decade the media has been swamped with stories of irresponsible campers, yet most of our country's campers do the right thing. Whether using public or onboard toilet facilities, or in accordance with the age old practice digging a hole and burying it: only a very few of thousands of campers create a problem.

Showing freedom camping in a bad light may sell newspapers and create strong discussion but it doesn't help build a good future for camping in our country. The public consultation on the recent Nash proposals has shown us that the NZ leisure camping industry is seriously fractured, with multiple opposing agendas. Industry, government and camping groups are not working together as they should.

Let's work together, with positive stories and helpful information about camping in New Zealand.

  • Share your group's stories and promote your events in this magazine.

  • Add the #campingthekiwiway hash tag to your social media posts and photographs.

Miriam Richardson, Editor

Gary Stoneley, All Points Camping CLub of NZ


This issue is kindly sponsored by the All Points Camping Club of NZ and NZ Lifestyle Camping. Camping the Kiwi Way follows on from the NZ Lifestyle Camping magazine (All Points Camping Club of NZ and NZ Lifestyle Camping).

Photo: ©2022 William Anna & Stewart Leslie with Adrienne camping 1958

1 Spring 2022

Let’s make sure that both we and future generations can go camping

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