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Summer 2022


Hints and tips on toilet cassettes

Heather McMurdo

Through our own experience, and also from talking to many people while demonstrating and selling our Dump Mates, we have picked up a few ideas to make things easier and cleaner.

Empty often

When we first started motorhoming, we tried to use every public toilet we could, because this would make our cassette last longer before we had to empty it, a job that John did not look forward to. This just seemed silly to me, when we had our own nice bathroom to use, but then I wasn’t the one emptying the cassette. Anyway, once we had our Dump Mate, this was no longer a problem, and we now empty every second day. We have noticed that this alone keeps the cassette much fresher, rather than trying to make it last four or five days.

After-trip care

When we get home from a trip away, John always half fills the cassette with warm water and a scoop of Napisan (or equivalent) and keeps it in the garage, giving it a shake every time he walks past it. Then he rinses it out, puts a dash of chemical in it and small amount of water.

A ventilation kit

We don’t really need to use a chemical, as we have fitted a Thetford Ventilation kit (similar to a SOG unit). This has a fan that ventilates through the floor, so we have no nasty smells in our motorhome any more. I can highly recommend it. We must have tried every toilet chemical on the market, and none really worked, (although to be fair, they probably lost their effectiveness after a couple of days). We still put a dash in the cassette as we have a few bottles to use up.

Clean the inside of the cassette

Every now and then, John takes the top right out of the cassette and gives it a really good clean inside. He has even designed a small tool to unscrew the top so as not to put too much pressure on the plastic. See sidebar. He also uses CRC silicon grease on the rubber seals.

Use our Dump Mate!

Emptying the cassette with a Dump Mate, is a very quick and clean operation. If we are emptying our grey water as well, we start this running first, and then do the cassette. Because we are putting the Dump Mate in the sewer pipe, and there is no spillage, there is no risk of contaminating your grey water hose. By the time you have emptied your cassette and rinsed it a few times, the Dump Mate is clean, and you just shake the water off, and pop it back in it’s bag. Then you can pack up your grey water hose, and both jobs are done. There is no mess, and the dump station (and your feet) are clean. This is a real bonus if the water pressure at the dump station is poor, or there is no hose.

Use the cassette air-lock release button

We have been surprised to hear, when demonstrating, that many people do not realise that their cassette has a button on the top, at the back to allow air flow. As you raise the back of the cassette to empty, hold the button in: you will find it empties much more smoothly.

How not to forget to take your Dump Mate with you

Another little tip is to leave the bag for the Dump Mate in your cassette locker when you take your cassette out. This will mean when you put the cassette back, you will see the bag and it will remind you to make sure you have your Dump Mate with you. You don’t want to leave it at the dump station.


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