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Mountain Mamas NZ

Kayla Laatz

Are you a mama wanting to spend more time outdoors with your family? Do you want to meet and go tramping with other like-minded mamas? 

Mountain Mamas NZ is an online community of New Zealand-based mamas with a love of the great outdoors. We regularly share hiking trails, campsites, outdoor guides and inspirational posts on our social media and website. Its a place to learn new skills, build your confidence, get inspired and connect with other local mamas throughout Aotearoa. 

The benefits to spending more time in nature are endless; but sometimes finding the motivation and support to make it happen can be difficult. Learning new skills and stepping outside your comfort zone, while simultaneously navigating life as a new parent, is even harder. 

The adventures don't have to end ‘after kids’, they're only just beginning.

Get involved by following us @mountainmamasnz on Instagram and Facebook. 

Tag us in your outdoor family adventures using #mountainmamasnz to be shared and to inspire others. 

Kayla Laatz 

3 Autumn 2023

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