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Self containment changes in brief

Gary Stoneley

Currently self contained
  • If your vehicle is currently certified, this is valid... 

  • ...until it expires, or until 7 June ‘25, whichever comes first.

  • This is true whatever kind of toilet you have.

Not currently self contained
  • It is now illegal to camp free on any council-controlled land unless it is clearly designated for non self contained vehicles. 

  • Many local authorities do not yet have areas for free camping even though they are now required to do so.

New or renewing before 7 Dec
  • Permanently fitted toilet:  you can get a regular blue warrant, expiring 7/6/25.

  • Portable toilet:  a blue warrant, marked  “Not issued per Freedom Camping Act”.

New regulations: 7 Dec ‘23
  • From 7 Dec this year all new self containment certificates will be issued under the new regulations (requiring a permanently fitted toilet).

  • You get a green warrant.

  • Valid for four years.

  • It will cost more. 

From 7 June 2025

Self contained
  • A self contained vehicle must be certified under the new regulations.

  • A green warrant.

Not self contained
  • If you do not have a self contained vehicle, or are unable to meet the new requirements, it is expected that local authorities will designate camping areas for non self-contained vehicles although these may not be conveniently located. 

  • You will not be subject to self containment costs.

Where you can camp has changed

The changes in the act are not just about what is in your van or motorhome, it is also about where you can camp.

  • The new act now requires certain kinds of self containment in certain places, but has no effect on other places.

  • We will keep this updated as the many confusing aspects of this new act are clarified.



Where you can camp has changed too

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