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Group: Life of Van

Bette Cosgrove

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Since 2020 more kiwis have been travelling at home and discovering the delights of outdoor adventures and camping in their own regions.

Wellington-based couple Chloe Wright and Jonathan Collins, passionate about tent camping experiences, found that sharing this on Facebook via the NZ Fun Adventures page attracted a growing number of campers who travelled and camped in vehicles, camper vans, trailer campers, or caravans.

Being former caravanners, they decided to launch an ‘Life of Van – New Zealand’ as a platform for van travellers to share their tips and tricks, and find a positive community to support other vehicle campers.

Life of Van NZ FB Page is a private group with a positive vibe, giving everyone from weekend warriors to van life veterans a place to connect.

It focuses on celebrating the sense of freedom in van travelling, while encouraging that free spirit for those who might be new to van life.

Look for Life of Van – New Zealand on Facebook


ISSN 2815-827X (Online) | ISSN:2815-8261 (Print)

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