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Getting outdoors

Jonathan Collins

Get outdoors in a fun way, meet new people, try something new.

NZ Fun Adventures Camping: camping, locations, gear, group events, ‘how to’ and more.

NZ Fun Paddleboarders: join for group paddles, learn about safety, gear info, get inspired and give it a go.
Life of Van — NZ: Van adventurers.
Adventure Rex Inflatable T-Rex racing sound fun? Join the antics.
NZ Adventure Women: women’s-only outdoor group for all types of adventure.
NZ Night Walkers: A Wellington group —start one in your area.
Cooking With Fire Outdoors
Small Boat Camping
Oztent owners local NZ: See how and why people love them.

7 Autumn 2024

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Autumn 2024


ISSN 2815-827X (Online) | ISSN:2815-8261 (Print)


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