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Scottland Motorhome Park

Miriam Richardson

On the top of a ridge looking down on Cromwell one side, and towards Carricktown the other.

It’s a windy spot with dramatic views, dramatic weather and the history of the valley is dramatic as well. Read the handout at the registration shed.

No tents, children or dogs. Must be self-contained.

Bill and Jenny set up their POP (Park Over Property) to have all the things they want when they are travelling, so it includes, water, a photo-worthy dump station for cassettes (left), a washing machine and 2 clothes lines (use your good pegs; it sure is windy), rubbish and recycling as well as a bucket for chook scraps. For grey water, they appreciate it being delivered to their trees, up here in the dry. Also, plugs for e-bike charging, and e-bikes for hire.

They have a produce stall at the gate with fruit, eggs, jam, honey and fruit leather, depending on the season (greengages! blackboy peaches! yum!).

Activities: walking and cycling, near the Lake Dunstan Trail, and Carrick tracks; wineries, historical sites, galleries.

Bill & Jenny

34 Quartzville Rd,


0274 331 761 | 0274 317 101

$10 a night.

NZMCA discount.

a windy and dramatic spot with wonderful hosts

Private property. Not affected by law changes.

7 Autumn 2024

, p


Autumn 2024


ISSN 2815-827X (Online) | ISSN:2815-8261 (Print)


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