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Truly a Summer to remember

Andrew Morton

Currently on night 23 of this 86-night trip.

In Murchison next week I celebrate my 250th night since getting my teardrop. (I’m heading for a 500-night goal in the next couple of years).

After 23 days I have done 380+ km mountain biking, and driven 3000+ km. Truly a Summer to remember, this one.

Many more rides in sight, including Queen Charlotte track in March, and many more places to go & people to meet and friends to catch up with.

My wife joined me for a mini holiday yesterday— a16hr and 450km driving day. 

We found this incredible destination, 50 minutes north of Karamea: Moria Gate Arch and Mirror Tarn.

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my 250th night since getting my teardrop

Free camping with a non-fixed toilet. Impossible after law changes.

7 Autumn 2024

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Autumn 2024


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