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TIPS: Weekending

Making the most of short trips

  • All my trips are short ones. I quite often take leftover food so time isn’t taken cooking, particularly if windy. Two hours max travelling from Wellington. Don’t worry if you forget something as long as you have warm clothes. (Steve) 

  • Weekend getaways are the best! We take very little on the road with us because we are spending more time outside then in. So it’s just basic food, booze & general clothing. (Donna) 

  • My moho is always packed, with just the fridge/freezer stuff to put in (Christine). n We find a location close to home so we don’t waste hours travelling just for a weekend. Try and prep all meals so the weekend can be a real break. (Linda). 

  • We head to the coast, any coast, and there is an abundance to choose from in the Wairarapa. We may even pick up takeaways on our way out but our meals are all prepped. The sound of the sea and away from traffic does it for us. (Dale) 

  • I’ve got a couple of changes of clothes permanently in my van. I always make sure I have a jacket, beanie, off-road walking shoes and togs ready to go, this time of year. Usually I head for somewhere near hot springs. (Katrina)

PHOTO: Foxton Boat Club ©2022 Miriam RIchardson

Weekend getaways are the best!

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