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Cooking with fire

Jonathan Collins

NZ Fun Adventures was pleased to see so many outdoor enthusiasts join with us for this, now annual, event in our events calendar.

Cooking with Fire or bbq outdoors was all it took to encourage families, pros and 1st time outdoor cooks to give it a try. We had some of the people camp with us for the weekend as well which is always a great way to get to know people in our group.

Our very own celebrity master chef Lance was a great asset to have on site as well to help the cooks expand on their own meals and techniques.

We look forward to seeing what everyone brings to the table for the next round.

Hit us up on Facebook if you want to know more, and check for new events, there is plenty planned through to the end of the year. Or contact Jonathan Collins who would love to invite you along.

NZ Fun Adventures

So many outdoor enthusiasts Cooking with Fire

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